Polaris Noble

The classic design highlights the elegance and nobility of the diamond.
The interwined windows of the setting represents unbreakable determination.

“Polaris”, commonly known as northern pole star,
is almost motionless in the sky that represents the unchanged love of each other.

CARAT 0.25ct~
CATEGORY 鋳造(ちゅうぞう)製法

Heart & Cupid

A guarantee to excellent brilliance

The cut of a diamond greatly impacts its brilliance and “symmetry” is the most important criteria for brilliance in a good diamond cut. Hearts & cupids diamonds (with eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical arrows patterns) are the diamonds that are cut to perfect proportion, bringing the lights reflection to its highest.

  • (Left) Diamond with patterns of Cupid’s arrow in the face up position.
  • (Right) Diamond with patterns of heart when viewed in the table down position

Set Ring


To embrace and care for each other with eternal love. Gently enclose an ever-lasting shine, making an impression of both strength and tenderness.

Inspired by Polaris, the perpetually shining star, it is a combination of diamonds that emanates a soft brilliance. The wedding rings are named after the goddess of mercy and tolerance. The engagement rings present a design that gently embraces the spirit of “determination and perseverance.”

ポラリス Noble&クレメンティア


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