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Collection with special concept.

To celebrate the important days in life,
I-PRIMO provides a collection of fashion jewelries and baby rings
that are good for mix-and-match in every occasions.


The heart shape diamond prongs are the highlights in this design.
Simple decorations and excellent quality are the basics of an elegent and graceful style.

An excellent diamond sparkles like the Polaris, its brilliance will never die, watching over the loving couple. The prongs of the diamond are crafted in a cute heart shape giving a spectacular side view.


The main diamond of this necklace are surrounded by 10 small side diamonds. This is the necklace with ultimate brilliance and attractiveness.

Surrounded by 10 side stones, the main diamond becomes spectacularly sparkle. Its brilliance is so eyecatching and attractive. The hollow base allows maximum lights
to go through the diamond ensuring its maximum shininess and brightness.


The 3-diamond necklace is sparkling, cute and lovely.

This 2-way necklace allows wearers to adjust the diamond pendent to fit in any occassions. The diamonds on the pendents are with excellent grade and its design is inspiried by Ceres in the Solar System. It is an excellent gift for ladies in every important moments of their lives.


A vibrant design highlights the sparkly diamonds.

Two different sized side stones enhance the sparkle of the main diamond in this pendent. Feminine yet full of energy are the character of this design.


This is a cute and elegant design with
special highlights to the sparkly diamond.

The fine prongs magnify the size of diamond.
The brilliance of the diamond adds a sense
of luxury into the pendant.


Cute little side stones twinkle like the stars
in the pendant, complementing the
luxurious diamond at the centre.

Perfectly matched with the engagement ring of the same
collection, the six little side stones twinkle like the stars
in the night sky showcase the beautiful main
diamond with luxury.


It is a basic design that fits in
all occasions and matching.

Simplicity is the main idea of this design.
The gloss and thick clown brighten the simple image.
The pair of pierced earrings of the same collection is
suitable for both formal and leisure outfits.


A little pink diamond adds a lovely sparkle
to the simple design.

Inspired by the little flowers,
the pink side stone gives extra loveliness to the design.
The pair of pierced earrings and the pendant can pair
with the engagement ring as a set.


Elegant design sparkles like the brilliance of starlight.

Diamond band setting is sleek and enhance the beautiful
diamond at the centre. This collection consists of a pendant,
a pair of pierced earrings and an engagement ring.
The moveable part of the earrings twinkles
with every movement you made.


A basic and simple 6-prong diamond necklace.
The fine prongs make the diamond
looks more sparkling and outstanding.

Named after the largest moon of Uranus,
"Titania" is a classic diamond nacklace that
is easy for mix-and-match in all occasions.
It is a timeless design for life-time treasure.


A simple pave setting design
gives extra sparkles to the necklace.

The necklace adopted the name of
one of the Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter.
Unlike prong setting, paved diamond necklace is gentle
and comfortable to wear as a daily accessories.
It is delicate and luxury.


Three diamonds sparkle along the fine necklace.
Excellent and delicacy.

"ARIEL" is one of the moons of Uranus.
The diamonds are tightly set and smoothly arranged with
fine prongs that ensures the highest sparkles of the diamonds.
This is a lovely and feminine style of necklace.


The diamonds are set like flower blossom.
It is a romantic and elegant design.

"HIMALIA" is the name of the sixth moon of
Jupitar and it is also the name of this necklace.
The extra fine diamond prongs enable the diamonds
to be arranged like flower blossom.
This is a design full of hearty details.


This design is a crossover of a simple
four-prong diamond and a cute necklace.
It is a stylish design.

"CORADELIA" is the one of the moons of Uranus.
The pendant is beautifully fixed by cross prong.
It has a detailed and delicate craftsmenship.

Picore Circle

This 3-diamond, simple and glamourous bracelet is suitable for elegant and graceful ladies.

The excellent brilliance of the diamonds shine gracefully on this elegent bracelet. The delicate diamonds gleam on a classic and simple design,
making it a piece of stylish and timeless accessory on your wrist.


Inspiried by the beauty of the galaxy,
the sparkles of the bracelet is luxurious and graceful.

Enhanced by the beautiful milgrains on the bracelet, the glistening diamond has become more eyecatching and glamourous. The bracelet is simply irresistably attractive.

Picore Nebula

The 3-diamond bracelet sparkles like the mysterious galaxy.

The 3 diamonds setting on the round bases,
sparkle vibrantly on the bracelet like the stars in the night sky.
It is an adorable bracelet that stay in your mind forever.

Picore Swing

A sparkling bracelet shines elegently with your body movement.

The 3-little diamonds on the bracelet shines vibrantly, like the stars in the sky, in every movement you take. Simple but carefully selected diamonds accessorise the bracelet with subtle but graceful brilliance and style.


This luxurious bracelet design is festive and spectacular.

An excellent diamond is set on two fine bracelets. The brilliance of the diamond is like a hugh star twinkling in the galaxy. Being inspiried by the idea of twinkling stars, this bracelet is particularly suitable for special and festive occassions.

Perseus Baby

The glistening diamonds and a soft wavy ring design shows the image of a legardary hero in the mythology.

The two side diamonds shine glamourously on the excellent crafted slim Baby Ring. And yet, the concave line and curvy ring have gently supplemented the radiance as a whole, fulfilling the image of the warrior Perseus in the Greek Mythology.

Lucina Baby

A true love knot connects the couple in love forever.

The excellent craftsmenship perfectly merges
the diamonds in a diagional line along this Baby Ring.
It is a blessing from the goddess of marriage sparkling
through the curvy and gentle ring.

Fortuna Baby

A spiral patterned hexagon ring is a token of the blessings from the goddess.

Inspiried by the amulet of the goddess Fortuna, the diagional line runs along
the ring carrying the meaning of forever fortune.
The hexagon ring and the side stones are particularly attractive.
It is an ideal Baby Ring style.


A beautiful diamond set on a solitaire ring.
It may be simple, but carrying beautiful memories.

A basic solitaire diamond ring highlights the beauty
of the diamond. The baby ring version, together with
mommy’s engagement ring symbolizes the special
love between mommy and baby.


The rose shape design looks cute and lovely,
pass the cuteness to the baby with the same design.

A lovely pink side stone sets in the petal shape prongs leaning against the centre diamond is exceptionally cute and lovely.
A pink gemstone is used on the baby ring version.


A perfect wavy band looks impressive.

A timeless wavy band design is perfect with the brilliance
of the centre diamond. The sleek design can be converted
into baby ring version set with a small diamond.


It is a luxurious v-shape ring with luxurious side stones.

The side stones set neatly on both sides of the centre diamond highlighting the v-shape band. The baby ring version of the
design is equally graceful and pretty.


A small pink side stone sets aside with centre diamond
looking sweet and lovely.

The s-shape ring pave set with side stones in different sizes
is luxurious. The same style baby ring version is
exceptionally lovely with the little pink gemstone.

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