Set Ring

Stacking rings compose the harmonious beautiful lines and stories of happiness. I-PRIMO set rings are more than just keeping the lines clinging to each other, and even the space between the two rings are meticulously calculated and designed. We offer all sorts of set rings for you to choose from.

Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring &
Wedding Ring

The wedding rings with layering effect always be in harmony with your personality

Just because it’s the endearing and important engagement ring, you have more desire to wear it with the wedding ring to keep you company anytime. No matter formal occasions, work days or outing on holidays, wedding set rings are always suitable. I-PRIMO has prepared a wide variety of options for you.

COORDINATE Recommended combination by I-PRIMO

Wedding set rings are able to complement the dazzling brilliance for each other via stacking wearing, unleashing the brand-new charisma. We will recommend the combination that matches you among over 200 rings according to your style or preference. The brand-new story born from two diamonds rings will warm one’s heart.



The fine texture that feels comfortable to wear daily
Premium and Concise

The engagement rings are redesigned from the traditional style with a solitaire diamond held by the claws to trendy and minimalist style and paired with smooth wedding rings “Juno” that made of fine texture. The brilliance of love, as dazzling as the first-magnitude stars, will be gracefully looked after by the Goddess of Marriage.



Balance between sweet and slim
Mature femininity

Engagement ring “Spica”, designed with diamonds of two colors, is symbolic of the most dazzling first-magnitude stars and planets in Virgo. Paired with the gentle V-curved slender wedding ring, fairies will give their blessings to the everlasting promise.



Brings out the dazzling brilliance with outstanding temperament
The stylish stacking wearing

Valiance is the ultimate kindness. This wedding set rings are inspired by the legendary hero Hercules who ended up becoming one of the constellations. Characterized by the simple lines with outstanding temperament, the brilliances of the two rings reflect each other with extraordinary dazzle.



The luxurious ensemble with glamorous brilliance and beautiful lines

The engagement ring symbolizes the miraculous match of the two with the diamonds encased on the gentle wavy curves. Complementing the beautifully overlapped wedding ring, the brilliance of the splendid diamond lines is sure to enlighten the future of the two.



Surrounded by overflowing happiness coming from designs and brilliance

The engagement ring that dazzles with the brilliance of a star-studded sky at hand complements the wedding rings with glittering melee diamonds. By utilizing tiny claws and a delicate way to encase diamonds without obscuring the brilliance of the diamond, it makes a wonderful impression on the unalloyed love.



Comfortable wearing crafted by virtuoso craftsmen

Every ring in I-PRIMO is crafted individually with diligence by virtuoso artisans. When two rings are worn overlapped as a set, the texture feels comfortable as if they were designed as a whole right from the beginning.



Materials are selected according to customers’ skins or preference.

As a diamond wedding ring specialty store, I-PRIMO forages all sorts of materials to meet customers’ needs. We have all kinds of materials, such as platinum, gold, rose gold, light brown gold etc.

※Light brown gold is 18-karat gold with light brown, an original color created by I-PRIMO. Easy to go with any skin color.
※Materials are not applicable to all designs.


Beyond the 4C

I-PRIMO is the expert of diamonds.

4C, the appraisal standard of diamonds, is based on such four criteria as carat, color, clarity and cut, but the beauty and the value of diamonds cannot be judged only with said criteria. The diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO sets our own series of stringent standards, insisting on the beauty of rough diamonds and reliable origin. Among gorgeous diamonds that could make people fall in love at the first sight, we exquisitely select the most radiant one that matches your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring.


Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.