Rings with Japanese quality that express Japanese
scenes and stories with traditional techniques



“Whether it is sunny or not, it is still a good beginning” Named after a seasonal term of the haiku that represents the sky of the New Year's day, Included 8 unique designs with concept of seasonal scenes and stories related to the sky in Japan.


Designs originated from Japanese tradition

Unique designs that make use of Japanese traditional techniques give off a special presence and brilliance. Enjoy the warm touch and comfort from the work of a skilled craftsman.



Outstanding Japanese carving techniques

A traditional Japanese carving technique that can be performed only by very limited number of craftsmen. Using outstanding techniques to create rich expressions by hand craving the “Asaba” pattern line by line with only the feeling of the craftsman’s hands.


Sophisticated hairline finish

By applying a matte finishing with fine lines (hairline finish) to the ring that has been carefully polished, the fantastic worldview of "SHIGURE" is expressed. The contrast between the two colors, representing heaven and earth, stands out and creates a sophisticated and rich look.


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Hatsusora Series|series that express Japanesescenes and stories