Engagement Ring Guide

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a ring presented as a betrothal gift by a man to his future spouse. Conventionally, an engagement ring is given while he proposes marriage. A solitaire style engagement ring is commonly used and it usually is worn on the left ring finger.
(The ring exchanged by a couple during wedding ceremony is called wedding ring, which is different from engagement ring.)


Is it necessary to buy an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a way a man expresses his never ending love and promise to a woman. Around 60% of the couples purchase engagement rings. The engagement ring, just like other accessories, can be used in many occasions and it is getting common and stylish to wear an engagement ring together with wedding ring, more importantly, it is a symbol of love from a man to his wife, we recommended couples to purchase.


When is the best time to prepare for engagement ring?
Can I get it at the time when I purchase?

t is better to buy the engagement ring around two to three months before your marriage proposal, a betrothal gift presentation or meeting with parents to conclude a marriage. Since the couple will become very busy around six to twelve months before wedding ceremony, we suggest to get the ring prepared at the time you decided to get married.
The shop usually takes around one to two months for production of your ring after receiving an order as engraving services is usually included. I-PRIMO will start producing the ring after we received the order and it generally takes about one and a half month to finish.


How can I choose the engagement ring?

People holds different views on the size and quality of diamond, material used, design and price range when choosing for an engagement ring. Therefore, we suggested our customer to put emphasis on the diamond.

Otherwise, you can base on your impression to the ring, your hand / finger shape or your lifestyle to choose the ring. You can choose the style that fits your finger or your lifestyles so that you can wear daily or in special occasions, etc.

Yet the most important point is to choose a style that can express your love to your girlfriend. I-PRIMO has many varieties to meet your requirements.

The history of engagement rings

  • 起源は古代の約束の儀式

    It is a way to make commitment in old ancient times.

    Engagement ring began in Ancient Rome. People used iron rings, with the meaning of “my heart belongs to you forever”, as betrothal rings. An iron ring was regarded as a symbol of love and it was the most precious gift to a couple.

  • 丸い輪は永遠の象徴

    A ring means forever

    A circle has been regarded as perfect just like the sun and the moon since the ancient times. Therefore, people believed a ring means “forever” and a power of protection can be generated when someone wears a ring.

  • 左手の薬指には心と繋がる愛の力が宿る

    A ring on the ring finger on the left hand generates the power of love that connects to your heart and soul.

    People believe the ring finger on the left hand contained a vein that led to the heart. Therefore, ring placed on that finger symbolizes “a connection to the heart and soul” and “the feeling of love strikes to your heart and mind”.

What are the designs of an engagement ring?

Ring styles

  • ストレート

    Straight ring

    Straight ring designs.
    Simple and basic ring shape, easy for stacking.
    ※suitable for a perfectionist who are simple and dignified.

  • ウェーブ

    Wavy ring

    “S” shape ring goes smoothly with your left ring finger that provide extra comfort. ※ suitable for elegant ladies who have beautiful finger lines.

  • V字

    V-shaped ring

    A V-shaped ring goes well with the back of your hand. The V-shape curved line is in contrast with the straight lines of your fingers that made them looked longer.
    ※suitable for ladies who wants better finger shapes.


Diamond rings

  • ソリテール

    Solitaire rings

    A single stone design features the fire and shine of the diamond. This is the classic style of engagement ring that can never go out of fashion.

  • 單顆配鑽

    Side stone on single side

    Small side stones on the side enhances the main diamond by adding extra sparkles. An individualistic design showcases simplicity and luxury.

  • 雙顆配鑽

    Side stones on both side

    A center diamond decorated with different numbers and shapes of smaller side stones enriches the designs of the ring. Smaller side stones make the center stone stand out even more, as well as added extravagance as a whole.

  • 排鑽

    Diamond band

    An engagement ring with diamond band design is glamourous and luxurious with the brilliance of the diamonds.



Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.