Engagement Ring

The diamond engagement ring symbolizes the inseparable love that are guided by destiny. Every ring in I-PRIMO has its own story. Let the sparks of diamond express your important feelings and give the love of your life the most precious and the very first gift. PRIMO-DIAMOND, with the most splendid brightness, exquisite designs and solid artisanship of the virtuoso craftsmen, will bless the beginning of eternal love with sparkling brilliance.

Set Ring
Engagement Ring

The Promise of Love

Engagement ring promises the love of lifetime.

Engagement ring dates back to a long time ago. Legend has it that the ring symbolizes the “everlasting” circle (ring) as the proof of “two hearts connected together” and is meant to be worn on the left ring finger. In modern time, engagement ring is given when proposal or engagement ceremony is held. You give the love of your life a one-of-a-kind ring in the world, feeling grateful for the miracle of your encounter in the whole wide world. Unwavering love is entrusted to the unique diamond, and its sparkle becomes the bond of love between the two hearts and the guide that enlightens the road ahead.

Engagement Ring

People long for it because it is classic. Just like the touching proposal in the movies or series as the ring case being “popped” open.

Wedding Ring

For those who adore accessories, propose with trendy ring, adding joy when overlapping with other items.

Engagement Necklace

For those who cannot wear rings, propose with necklace contained a solitaire diamond. Full of originality.

Engagement Ring

My Destiny Ring

Among a wide variety of designs, meet the ring exclusive to “YOU”.

Every ring has its own story. We have diverse engagement rings designed with the theme of one-and-only love. I-PRIMO offers more than 80 designs ranging from traditional style like a solitaire diamond to fancy styles such as surrounded by melee diamonds. There is a wide variety of materials such as platinum, gold and rose gold available to each design. Birthstones and diamonds can be encased on the inner side of rings, or alternatively you can customize the ring with your own characteristics via the letter engraving service. Additionally, first-time customers can be rest assured for that professional diamond consultants will recommend you with the rings that match your idea among all assortments of designs and prices.

How to select the only one

First-time buyers could be clueless about what can be deemed as a good ring.

People tend to have the different taste regarding the preferences and value about engagement rings. We will introduce recommended designs among a wide range of combinations in designs, rings, and materials.

Only in I-PRIMO can you encounter a wide variety of styles.

I-PRIMO will recommend five styles among more than 80 designs. You can choose from your favorited styles until you meet the design exclusive just to you.


sirius engagement ring


Concise and elegant in the most traditional six-claw style. It’s the most iconic and authentic engagement ring and is designed to unleash sparkling brilliance.


asterope engagement ring


Shining with dazzle on the fingertips as if depicting the happiness of the two in the future. The connection with the love of your life has always been staying with you.


spica engagement ring


The style that appears to be sparkling stars surrounded by planets. It is a design that meant to light up each other.


hercules engagement ring


I am strong because of YOU. You swear to the ring with the name of hero and it will guard you and lead you to the future of happiness, representing the unwavering will of love for eternity.


ascellaete engagement ring


The concise riviere design with fine line is created with a concept of arrow aiming happiness.

365Days Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Spending time with the brilliance of love every day.

More and more people prefer wearing engagement rings in daily life instead of putting away due to its preciousness. In this way, whether we are at work, shopping or other occasions like the weekend trip, we can always see the loving sparkle with happiness by laying eyes on our fingers. I-PRIMO not only emphasizes on the design and the level of comfort, but also offers cleaning, resizing and other comprehensive after services to enable you to wear the rings with reassurance even after decades.

Surprise propose

Surprise Propose

The service that supports an ideal proposal.

“You want to deliver an engagement ring with surprise, but don’t know the size and preference of your significant other?” We came up with “Perfect Propose Ring” to make your once-in-a-lifetime proposal succeed. If you purchase the most iconic, authentic and welcome engagement ring, in addition to resizing, you can also exchange it to your favorite choice among more than 80 ring and necklace designs according after proposal. It is a special moment. We hope to give blessings to your future with the brilliance of gorgeous diamonds. This is the genuine service that only diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO can offer.

Beyond the 4C

Beyond the 4C

I-PRIMO is the expert of diamonds.

4C, the appraisal standard of diamonds, is based on such four criteria as carat, color, clarity and cut, but the beauty and the value of diamonds cannot be judged only with said criteria. The diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO sets our own series of stringent standards, insisting on the beauty of rough diamonds and reliable origin. Among gorgeous diamonds that could make people fall in love at the first sight, we exquisitely select the most radiant one that matches your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring.

Diamond Shape Collection

Diamond Shape Collection

Various diamond styles with rich personality.

Among widely popular “heart cut” and “princess cut”, fancy cut diamonds are selected with the aesthetics taste of a specialty store to match the quality of wedding rings.

Engagement necklace

New Engagement Style

New engagement style -- Engagement necklace

Based on such voices as “not convenient to wear a ring at work” “if it were a necklace, it could be an accessary for usual occasions…” “my partner doesn’t want a ring”, more and more people choose engagement necklaces as a memento for proposal or engagement. Same as an engagement ring, first you choose the high-quality stone, then you pick your favorite design and chains. At last, the one-of-a-kind customized necklace is made and It is a diamond wedding ring necklace that fits all sorts of occasions to wear anytime and anywhere without worry.


Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.