THE FIRST STEP リング選びの最初の一歩をご一緒に

As the largest wedding ring specialist brand in Japan,
I-PRIMO crafts each wedding ring with high quality standards and exquisite craftsmanship by Japanese artisans.
Considering that wedding rings are worn continuously for 24 hours and for a long time,
the rings are designed for ultimate comfort and a perfect fit for the hand. The styles are also timeless,
and comprehensive after-sales service is provided after purchase.
Let I-PRIMO accompany you in taking an important step in life.

Why you should visit I-PRIMO as the first store when looking for wedding ring?


More than 200 various designs.

Only a ring with a story can accentuate irreplaceable love and unique feelings. Among various designs, meet the ring of destiny that will accompanies you for a lifetime, guarding your eternal love forever and ever.

Personal Hand

To explore “preferences” in a subjective view and “suitability” with an objective angle

We hope customers can choose the wedding ring that meets their own “preferences” and also considered “suitable” in other people’s eyes. Our consultant provides unbiased advice by analyzing the shape of your hands.


Brilliance that corresponds with the eternal love.

I-PRIMO selects the distinctive diamonds that suit the brides with stringent quality standard. There is a wide variety of highest quality diamonds in store, each of them brings blessings to your life milestone.


The wedding ring for daily wear
The pursuit of comfort

Designed for lifelong wear without a sense of burden. Naturally fits on the finger with lightness and comfort, customers might even forget the ring’s existence when wearing it.

After Service

Lifetime maintenance

We sure want to keep the rings that hold important vows shining with sparkles. Via the lifetime maintenance, they can continue accompany the two of you.


Wedding ring specialty brand with the largest number of branches in Japan

I-PRIMO aim to provide "warm greetings and relaxed shopping experience" at our stores and strive to create a comfortable space where customers can feel and see diamonds up close, providing the same service quality and consultations in every branch. We sincerely welcome you to visit and experience at stores nearby.


Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.

About I-PRIMO | We bring our blessings to the precious life of the two with one-of-a-kind brilliance