Wedding Ring

Keeping you company for a lifetime, the special rings that have been guarding the two of you.
Wide variety of styles, top quality diamonds, and the exquisite craftsmanship that makes Japan proud, it is these three elements that keep the bonds of love sparkling with dazzle for eternity.

wedding ring



hercules wedding ring

“Nestling your strength on other’s gentleness, writing a love story belongs to both of you.”

Feeling the power from the heart of both of you when wearing “The brilliant ring arm represents strength, and the smoothing diamond line represents gentleness. ” Nestling each other to write your future story when combining the two.


lucina wedding ring

A narrow and slightly twisted ring looks like flowing water. The design is simple but it reveals the beauty of your hands.

The soft wavy design looks like two hands holding tightly together. The diamonds placed along the ring adding luxurious touches. Named after the goddess of marriage, the wedding set is a blessing to the couple’s future.


clementia wedding ring

U-shape ring looks gentle and soft. The overlapping part becomes the focus of the whole design.

The soft and gentle ring design, together with diamonds on the bride’s ring uplifted its beauty and elegance into a new level. The rings were named after the goddess of forgiveness and mercy symbolizing the loving embraces and compassion of the couple.

About Wedding Ring

About Wedding Ring

On wedding day, it is the wedding rings that grooms and bridess exchange. Same as engagement rings, wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger. Usually, the inner side of the rings will be engraved with wedding anniversary date or name initials, etc. It’s recommended that wedding rings be prepared three months prior to the wedding.
In addition, it’s also suggested that engagement rings and wedding rings be worn together.

I-PRIMO Wedding Ring

I-PRIMO Wedding Ring

A sparkling ring on the left ring finger symbolizes the bond of love between the two. The diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO has more than 110 designs and top-quality diamonds, and we are able to embody your ideas into the eternal memento with the state-of-the-art technology and extinguished Japanese craftsmanship.
Precious metal can also be selected according to preference and skin color and crafted into rings exclusive to two of you. Additionally, we also offer customized service according to your desire, like engraving your name initials and anniversary date on the inner side of the rings as well as encasing diamonds or birthstones. Wedding rings represent the sign of covenant for eternal love. They, along with your vow, will keep you two company, continuing depicting time of happiness.

Beyond the 4C

Beyond the 4C

I-PRIMO is the expert of diamonds.

4C, the appraisal standard of diamonds, is based on such four criteria as carat, color, clarity and cut, but the beauty and the value of diamonds cannot be judged only with said criteria. The diamond wedding ring specialty store I-PRIMO sets our own series of stringent standards, insisting on the beauty of rough diamonds and reliable origin. Among gorgeous diamonds that could make people fall in love at the first sight, we exquisitely select the most radiant one that matches your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring.


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