Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift

A unique item that depicts significant moments on birthdays or wedding anniversaries.
Eternal brilliance contains love and thoughts.

I-PRIMO provides all assortments of anniversary jewelry with reliable quality as a diamond wedding ring specialty store.

for Birthday
for Birthday

for Birthday

For Birthday

To celebrate the day of birth.
Personalized and distinctive brilliance makes your daily life more colorful and beautiful.
Jewelry with solid craftsmanship is appropriate for regular occasion.
Either as a gift or a reward for yourself.

for Wedding Anniversary
for Wedding Anniversary

for Wedding Anniversary

To be grateful for significant other.

Jewelry that unleashes beautiful brilliance for eternity is selected particularly for
special anniversary of the two.
Its brilliance will carry your gratitude, trust and feelings towards love one
every day till the future.


Choose the stylish diamond jewelry that meets your budget from a variety of distinctive designs

for Baby

To embody the joy of having a new family member into a tangible object.

It celebrates the birth of the newborn, wishing a healthy future.
The one-of-a-kind baby rings.


I-PRIMO Memorial and trendy jewelry

Providing a wide range of products and diverse designs, making all kinds of anniversaries and occasions shine with sparkles.


  • 1. Top quality that matches important anniversaries

    Thoughts are added in the eternally sparkling diamonds and personalized designs, enabling important anniversaries to unleash distinctive brilliance. We exquisitely select diamonds and materials, and deliver jewelry with our determination on details and chains.

  • 2. Materials available to choose from earnestly

    Materials include white gold, gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. Even with the identical design, it brings out surprising different impression when coupled with materials that have different color bases. Please make a selection according to your own preference and skin color.

    ※Metal materials are not available to all designs.

  • 3. One-of-a-kind customization

    Personalized jewelry for couples or newborns on anniversaries to keep them company. We can integrate either the design of birthstones, name initials, graphics or birthdays and names, offering a variety of jewelry available for customization.

  • 4. Reliable after service

    To enable significant jewelry to be worn for a long time, every branch of I-PRIMO in Japan offers cleaning service as a part of after service. Regular maintenance can keep the beautiful brilliance in diamonds.

  • 5. Pink bow as a symbol of happiness

    Special jewelry is put into a particular original box and packed with a pink bow. Whether given to the love of your life or served as a reward for yourself, a pink box adds a little touch of glamour to the gift.


Walk-in customers are welcome. We recommend reservation to prevent waiting during rush hours to ensure better service and will assist you to choose your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding ring.