The hand in hand concept design expresses the firm bond
between the two.
In the name of the star of Goddess, wrapped by a halo of blessing.

The main diamond shines beautifully in the elegant V-shaped line, depicting the Goddesses holding their hands, fluttering their clothes, dancing a blessed dance.
The slender ring band with an edge line design makes your fingers look long and slim.

CARAT 0.25ct~
CATEGORY 鋳造(ちゅうぞう)製法

Heart & Cupid

A guarantee to excellent brilliance

The cut of a diamond greatly impacts its brilliance and “symmetry” is the most important criteria for brilliance in a good diamond cut. Hearts & cupids diamonds (with eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical arrows patterns) are the diamonds that are cut to perfect proportion, bringing the lights reflection to its highest.

  • (Left) Diamond with patterns of Cupid’s arrow in the face up position.
  • (Right) Diamond with patterns of heart when viewed in the table down position

Set Ring


The blessing of the Goddess falls on a sincere love vow where the bond tied. A set ring that represents the cherish and wish to let the bond tighten and grow.

The side stones are lined up adorably like the Goddess’ garments and ribbons, gathering the lights in the center of the soft V-shaped ring. A wedding ring set full of blessings, celebrating the bond with your loved one.



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