Tsukishiro Necklace

Shine like the silvery moonlight, the pearls are glistening upon the chest.
As the radiance of the pearls and the melee diamonds lights up the wearer, it also captures everyone’s attention.

A design that allows the diamond to shine upon the pearl’s natural and soft hues.
With luminosity as the soft moonlight, the necklace unwittingly reminds people of their important anniversaries.
It is a necklace of sophistication, elegantly designed and perfect for any occasion and outfit.

CARAT 0.03ct
PEARL AKOYA Pearl 6.5-7.0mm
PRICE HK$4,000
CATEGORY 鋳造(ちゅうぞう)製法


Shiro Shinjyu

「“The pearl” emanates grace and brilliant shine.
Full of natural beauty and exuding pearly luster,
“SHIRO SHINJYU” is proof of I-PRIMO's emphasis on quality.


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