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We insist on excellent quality.

I-PRIMO keeps the quality with stringent standards
and insists on using excellent graded diamonds.

All diamonds are rated as excellent cut diamonds.

We only use excellent grade round cut
brilliant diamonds in our rings.
Cut is the only human factor in 4Cs
that affects the sparkles and fire of a diamond.

We hold on to our standard even the diamond
is as small as less than 1mm in diameter.

We carefully choose hearts & arrows diamonds even the side stones with less than 1mm diameter. Hearts & arrows diamonds are extremely hard to cut especially on small side stones, which require exquisite craftsmanship to ensure the excellent brilliance.

A guarantee to excellent brilliance
Hearts & arrows diamonds

The cut of a diamond greatly impacts its brilliance and “symmetry” is the most important criteria for brilliance in a good diamond cut. Hearts & arrows diamonds (with eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical arrows patterns) are the diamonds that are cut to perfect proportion, bringing the lights reflection to its highest.

(Left) Diamond with patterns of Cupid’s
arrow in the face up position.
(Right) Diamond with patterns of heart when
viewed in the table down position

Miraculous pink diamonds

The pink diamonds provided by I-PRIMO are slightly purplish with excellent brilliance. These pink diamonds were authorized by Argyle, the world’s high quality pink diamonds mining area where jewelers around the world want to source from.

Platinum with high purity


I-PRIMO uses PT950 (95% platinum) in all bridal rings collections and it is ideal for lifetime jewelry pieces.

Sophisticated craftsmanship


I-PRIMO crafts each jewelry piece with world
class techniques and skills. We put great
attentions on details in order to make the perfect
rings with small prongs that allow the diamonds
to shine and yet very comfortable to wear.

Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring Specialist - I-PRIMO bridal ring specialty store