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Engagement Rings

Diamond ring symbolizes everlasting love.
An engagement ring represents a new page
of a couple’s relationship,
confirms the love to each other,
the starting point of a lifelong commitment.

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What is an engagement ring?
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An engagement ring is a ring given by a man to a woman at the time he proposed a marriage. A solitaire ring is the most common type of engagement ring and it is worn on the ring finger of left hand. An engagement ring is usually prepared about seven months to one year prior to the wedding day.

For more information please refer to "Engagement Ring Guide"

I-PRIMO engagement rings
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Diversified styles and designs are the characteristics of I-PRIMO’s engagement rings. We have over 150 designs in store, from classic solitaire rings to individual designs with eye-catching pink diamonds or more. We are able to customize in different materials and use inner ring promise diamond setting to make your rings more personal and unique, yet still falls within your budget. An engagement ring is a symbol of love to whom you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It is a lifelong commitment full of passion and love.
I-PRIMO will help you to convert this idea into a gift that she is going to treasure for the rest of her life.


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