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We decided to get married and began to prepare for our wedding.

You have taken the first step into your marriage life. After a romantic proposal and a beautiful engagement ring, what is next? You may start thinking about your wedding ceremony. But how? What do you need to do in order to have your dream wedding? What are those basic issues and procedures? Here are some hints and timetable that may help you.

You are engaged, congratulations!!

We are so happy for you.You have taken the first step into your marriage life. After a romantic proposal and a beautiful engagement ring, what is next? You may start thinking about your wedding ceremony.Please do treasure the period when you are engaged. This is the time that you dream, prepare and work out for the future with your loved one.

However, you may not forget this is also the time to prepare for your wedding. It usually takes about one to two years to organize a wedding.

Do not forget the long waiting list of some hot wedding venues and the time you need to prepare for wedding gown. You may also consider that your friends and relatives may need to do some arrangements on their schedule in order to attend your wedding. The followings are the basic timetable for wedding preparation.


Before preparing for wedding ceremony – inform your parents.
After you have made your decision to get married, the first challenge is to inform your parents. Although you may think that getting married is the issue between two of you, you may still find it challenging with your parents. To a certain extent, you may need to handle this with care. And we will talk about this point in details later.

18 months to 12 months before wedding – save the date and venue
Hong Kong has a huge population with scarce space. It becomes difficult to look for a venue of your wedding on the date you requested. You can try to gather more information from magazines or internet. Attending wedding expo or similar events might help too. Do check details for budgeting, before deciding the ceremony and banquet style.

12 months to 8 months before wedding – gown, makeup artist, photographer, venue decoration
There are many bridal shops in Hong Kong, you may visit a few and try on in order to choose gowns and evening dresses that are suitable for your style. If you are going to rent the gown, you need to reserve it for your wedding date! You will also need to reserve makeup artist, photographer, and venue decoration, as they all come in first-come first-served basis.

6 months before wedding –plan for rundown.
Once you have decided on the venue, you shall start drafting the guest list, speeches and other programs during the ceremony. You may choose location of your honeymoon, inform your company and arrange for annual leaves.

3 months before wedding – buy wedding rings and send out invitations
Exchanging wedding rings is the most important part in a wedding ceremony. Your wedding rings are a symbol of the commitment you made for each other. It probably takes about a few weeks to a few months to prepare for the ring. You shall reserve enough time to make an ideal one. Also, this is time to send out invitations to your guests.

1 to 2 months before wedding – decide menu and rundown of the banquet.
Discuss with venue manager about the menu, drinks and rundown of the banquet. Prepare for the gifts, flower bouquet and floral decoration onsite. You shall do the final alteration to wedding dress and other night gowns.

1 month before and on your wedding day – rehearsal and final confirmation
Confirm with makeup artist and hair stylist about the rundown, location and details of the wedding ceremony. Bring all the necessary items to the venue one day before. Do not forget to bring some cash on the wedding day in case you need to use it for emergency. Now, your big day has come and enjoy.


We have just gone through a simple checklist of organizing a wedding ceremony. Work together with your partner in respect and check everything in detail. Let’s start planning a wedding that belongs to both of you.