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A marriage proposal that deepened your love to each other.

Surely she will be delighted when she receives a long-awaited marriage proposal. “However, I wish he could…..”. She may still have a little disappointment. At the end, one of the biggest moments in your life is when you propose a marriage or are proposed to. Why not take this opportunity to express your deepest love to each other and make it an unforgettable event.

Can you imagine over 50% the women from our survey were disappointed about how they were proposed to? If you are planning to do one to your girlfriend, let’s work hard and create a perfect one for her.

Giving her your pledge of love,“Was your marriage proposal an ideal one for you?” 
Around 52% of the female interviewees answered “No” in this question.
this is what an ideal marriage proposal should be.
If you agree with us that a marriage proposal is essential but not taking it seriously for whatever reasons, it is still not right.

First of all, let’s look at the survey result. ※1
In the question, “Was your marriage proposal an ideal one for you?”
Around 52% of the female interviewees answered “No” in this question.

Over half of the female interviewees reported they did not have a very good memory on their marriage proposals.
The result was just speechless.

Why would that happen?
It is because women need romance, yet they are also practical.
Of course she will be happy to all the romantic settings and words.
She may still need to think practically whether this man is worth of spending her whole life together. It sounds unlovely but it is very true to a woman.
Although she may not happy how she was proposed to, she may still marry him with this hidden mark in their marriage.
Therefore, I urged a man shall give a perfect proposal to his partner.

Then, how can you create a proposal that she is satisfied with and at the same time can deepen the love of each other. Here are some hints derived from a survey conducted by I-PRIMO few years ago.

Please take note of the following questions.
Over 60% of the married female interviewees thought their marriage proposal was “lack of creativity and surprise, feel sorry about it”.※2

This is the truth!! Creativity and surprise are the essential elements to a successful marriage proposal.
For example, if marriage is a project, a marriage proposal would be presentation that you use to preach the project. In order to get the project, you definitely need creativity, and a bit of surprise, plus your sincerity and skillful presentation, you can definitely win the project eventually.

This is also a real challenge to a man.

Next, how can a man present his proposal? You may get your answer in this question.
“Where is the most ideal place for proposal?”
43% of the responses answered “a memorable spot”, followed by hotels and restaurants.

You may ask, “Is that alright?” Yes, you can do it just in a park where you first date each other or in the restaurant that you spent the first birthday with her… Every couple has a memorable spot. If you can start your commitment in this place, that would be the most memorable and special proposal.

The delightful and loving feelings will further strengthen your love to each other.
We deeply hope that every couple can enjoy this moment that only belongs to you two.
Last but not least, there is an essential element that helps to bring your proposal to the climax.
Let’s discuss this in our next chapter.


※1 Survey conducted by Platinum Guild International on July, 2011.
※2 Survey titled “A memory of marriage proposal” conducted by I-PRIMO on June, 2009.