Here are some beautiful legends and traditions about marriage.

An introduction to beautiful legends and anecdotes that are closely related to the happiness of the bride. One might find inspirations in these stories when arranging the wedding decorations and hospitality. Hopefully they will spice up your ideas.

Traditional customs for brides (episode 2)

The customs that bring happiness and good luck to the couple
Do you know the meaning of some wedding traditions, such as “tossing the bridal bouquet” or “first bite”? Those common wedding customs and ceremonials are usually a kind of blessings to the newly wedded. You may also want to apply these ceremonials into your own wedding.

Wedding cake
Wedding cake has been an important part of wedding celebration. It has the tradition of bringing good luck and prosperity to the couple and the guests. There are many sayings about the origins of wedding cake. One of them was the bride would make a wedding cake to show her cooking skills to the guest since from that day on, she would be responsible for the household of her husband. Moreover, sugars were expensive in the old time. A lovely and sweet wedding cake was also a symbol of wealth and prosperity to newly wedded couple.

First bite
It means the first bite of the wedding cake that the bride and the groom feed each other. This taste of the first slice serves as a symbol of the bride and groom’s willingness to share a household. The first bite the groom feed the bride means he will be responsible for the living of the bride. The first bite the bride feed the groom means she will take care of daily meals of the groom thereafter.

Bouquet toss
This is a well-known custom for the bride to throw her bouquet at the reception. The woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next who will marry.

Bouquet pull
This custom has similar meaning to the bouquet toss but performs in different way. Tie a ribbon on the bridal bouquet and ask the bride to hold the bouquet up high together with a few ribbons. Ask the single women in the banquet to pick one ribbon. The woman who picked the ribbon tied tothe bouquet is said to be the next who gets married.

Garter toss
This custom is similar to a bouquet toss but in the groom’s version. The groom removes the garter from the bride’s left leg and tosses it over the shoulder to a group of single men. This tradition came from the idea of sharing luck and happiness to the guests. Besides, the garter removed from the bride’s right leg will be used as the hair band for the couple’s baby in future.

Shower of flower petals
It is a blessing from the guests by throwing rose petals while the couple walks down the aisle after the wedding ceremony. It is believed the fragrance of the flower petals can shower the couple with good luck.

Rice shower
Throwing rice at the newly-wed couple has similar meaning to rose petals. In theAmerican and European traditions, throwing rice at the wedding was a blessing for the wish of healthy and fertility.

There are many other interesting wedding traditions and customs in Europe that can make your wedding special.Why not enjoy these blessing ceremonies with your guests at the wedding?