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4C of Diamond

“4Cs” of Diamond

“4Cs” is the grading standard of a diamond,
representing carat (weight), color (color grading),
clarity (characteristics) and cut (polish and symmetry).
The higher the grading of 4Cs is rated,
the more precious and brilliance the diamond will be.

Carat is the unit to measure weight of diamond.

One carat is 0.2g. The heavier the weight, the higher the price will be.
However, the overall value of a diamond also depends on the integrated grading of other qualities,
such as cut, color and clarity.

Carat / Weight
  • 0.2ct
  • 0.25ct
  • 0.3ct
  • 0.4ct
  • 0.5ct
  • 0.7ct
  • 1.0ct

In general, colorless diamonds are the rarest and also more valuable.

Apart from pink, blue or other fancy-colored diamonds, colorless diamonds are the most expensive.
The highest color grade is “D” (the first letter of the word “Diamond”).
As the depth of color increases, the grading will be lower.

  • Colorless
  • Near Colorless
  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light

It is the basic grading of the pureness of a diamond.

Clarity means the pureness of a diamond.
The clarity of a diamond is rated by the size, location and quantity of inclusions and blemishes,
that are seen under 10X magnification based on a grading system with eleven clarity grades.

Clarity / Pureness
  • Flawless
  • Very very slightly included
  • Very slightly included
  • Slightly included
  • Included

I-PRIMO only uses the highest graded, “Excellent” cut diamonds.

Cut is the only human factor in the 4Cs
that affects the brilliancy and sparkle of a diamond.

Cut / Brilliancy
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