Wedding Ring

It is believed that a vein
(known as the vein of love) ran directly
from the ring finger of the left hand
to the heart, therefore, people wear
their wedding rings on that finger,
symbolizing forever love of the couple.
The time when the couple look for
their wedding rings, is always
one of their memorable moments.

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  • Diamonds with excellent grade even as small as less then 1mm diameter

    Diamonds with excellent grade even as small as less then 1mm diameter

    We carefully choose hearts & cupids diamonds even the side stones with less than 1mm diameter. Hearts & cupids diamonds are extremely hard to cut especially on small side stones, which require exquisite craftsmanship to ensure the excellent brilliance.

  • Every ring tells a story

    Every ring tells a story

    Every engagement ring was named after a star or a zodiac sign, while every wedding ring was named after a myth or a legend. Some of the rings carry special design concepts that make it exquisite.

  • Large variety of ring designs and price range

    Large variety of ring designs and price range

    Over 150 wedding ring collections in different styles and designs, whether you are looking for classic or modern styles; trendy or elegant designs. Price starting from HK$4,200 made of PT950.


I-PRIMO only uses excellent brilliance diamonds.

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We impose stringent standards on the main diamonds,
as well as the side diamonds with less than 1mm in diameter.
We insist on using only hearts & arrows diamonds,
even a small side stone shall be able to
shine fully on every jewelry piece.

What is a wedding ring?〔Wedding Ring〕

A wedding ring is a ring that the husband and the wife exchanged on their wedding ceremony. Both wedding ring and engagement ring are worn on the left ring finger. It is very common to engrave the wedding date or English initials of the bride and the groom inside the ring. We recommended couples shall prepare for their wedding rings three months before their wedding day. As it is getting common to wear engagement ring together with the wedding ring, comfort and matching in style are important criteria when choosing rings of this kind.

I-PRIMO’s wedding rings?〔Wedding Ring〕

Wedding ring is a daily accessory, therefore, comfort and designs are both important. I-PRIMO insists on fine finishing on each wedding ring, plus the wide choice of materials and supplementary services, such as engraving initials or date (free of charge) and a small colored diamond mount on the inner ring, we can create the most ideal and unique wedding ring for our customers. I-PRIMO aims at giving every loving couple the best rings as the symbol of their lasting love and lifetime commitment.

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