Choose your ring from astrology

An introduction to ring designs by themes including seasons, astrology and more. If you are currently trying to decide on your design, you may refer to the stories behind our rings, which will help you pick the ring of your fortune.

February: “STELLA” ~ like a beautiful starry night ~

14 February is Valentine’s Day: an occasion that lovers express their love to each other since the end of 19th Century. European and Japanese celebrate the day differently. In Europe, lovers will exchange cards to express their love to each other. In Japan, this is a day for a woman to express their love to a man. Valentine’s Day is a day that lovers feel warm and loving in the freezing February. Therefore, we recommended engagement ring “STELLA”, reminding a couple with every romantic starry night.

“STELLA” shines like a star.


“STELLA” means “stars” in Italian. As the name suggested, the ring design looks like twinkling stars. The shiny side stones supplements the centre diamond giving a chic and luxurious style.

STELLA – a sparkling ring suitable for daily wear

Anniversary CollectionThe ring STELLA is also part of our Anniversary Collection. It can be used as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

We design a set of chic accessories in matching with our engagement ring collections, so that you can choose other items in the same collection as a gift for wedding anniversary or birthday.

Wouldn’t it be romantic to give earrings as a gift on Valentine’s Day and then propose with the engagement ring of the same collection in the next anniversary or on White Day?

HAPY eternity ring collection

“HAPY” eternity ring collection matches with the sparkling engagement ring “STELLA” is extravagant. You can choose the combination from platinum, gold or rose gold.

HAPY‧HALF(Half Eternity Ring)
  • HAPY‧HALF(Gold)
  • HAPY‧HALF(Rose gold)
HAPY‧FULL(Full Eternity Ring)
  • HAPY‧FULL(Gold)
  • HAPY‧FULL(Rose gold)

In this eternity ring, the two small hearts inside the ring represents eternal love and the sparkling diamonds around the band represents the fruit of love. In this romantic season, these sparkling rings are the best witnesses of your love to each other.