2018 Year Model


Although the love story of goddess Artemisia and hunter Orion ended with sadness, Artemisia's strong wish of staying together with Orion brighten up the night sky.

  • Orion
  • Orion
  • Orion


The subtle and hearty design on the edges of the ring realizes the fundamental beauty and elegence of the constellation.

Pt950  0.25ct~


The crescent and curve on the ring represents different phases of the Moon, where love is there all year round.

Pt950 0.06ct

  • Orion
  • Orion
  • Orion


The rich sparkles shine from your hand to the fingers,

decorating your fingers with exquisite elegence.

The state-of-the-art craftsmenship enhances durability. The asymmetrical and multifaceted design, as well as the vivid side stones pattern beautifully magnify the sparkles and shininess of the ring as a whole.


The design and craftsmenship compliment each other perfectly,

showcasing a unique sense of graceful charm.

This gorgerous and sparkling bridal set is inspired from the Greek mythology of the prominent constellation Orion, the ring looks like lovers embracing each other. The dynamic design keeps the ring light and comfortable to wear, and remain luxury and charm at the same time.


I-PRIMO imposes stringent standards on diamond selection for every single jewelry piece.

  • We insist high standards on small details.

    We only use hearts and arrows diamonds, even they are side stones with less than 1mm in diameter. We believe only perfectly cut diamonds can reveals the true beauty of the jewelries.

  • We use sophisticated techniques and high technology to produce every piece of jewelry.

    Small prongs and different diamond setting techniques are used for the purpose of making an ideal jewelry piece for our customers.

  • Platinum Pt950

    We use platinum (Pt950, 95% of pure platinum) in our engagement rings and wedding rings collections.


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