2020 Year Model

Named a brave hero, Brimming with elegant

  • Concept

    Every moment thinking of my love makes me stronger with great courage. Perhaps I can become her hero, when looking at the mirror dressing like Hercules, a great hero in Greek mythology, who will protect us well like his adventure.


  • 指輪装着イメージ

    Unleash a various charms and elegant brilliance like Hercules.

    The toughness, kindness and intelligence of the mythical hero Hercules is delicately designed to the details of the rings. Each detail is presenting the brilliant time of us and my special feeling.

Marriage Ring

Let your strength and gentleness shine next to each other like a rail track connection points, and it is a story starting when we meet.



When the ring finds the perfect match, you will see the future belong to both of you. One is tough and another is sweet, hand to handwriting your story page by page.


  • メレダイヤモンドセッティング

    The mode of the highest quality on smoothing diamond integration

    Even the most experienced craftsman needs to work day by day until the diamond luminesces and the body of the ring is smooth. It will become part of your hand.

  • Delicate brilliance of fine diamonds.

    The diamonds used on the ring are high-quality diamonds with “Hearts & Cupids”. Aligning the diamonds in the arch shape can show the shine in every angle. Enjoy the exquisite sparkle and the beauty of art.

    キューピッドEight symmetrical arrows in the face-up position (called 'crown').

    ハートEight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table-down position (called 'pavilion').


  • 対照的なデザイン

    Meaningful thoughts in contrasting designs.

    By contrasting the diagonal lines of the two rings, expressing the contradiction of strength and gentleness while they can support each other by combining the two factors. They can be combined perfectly while the lines becoming one to start the new page of the future.

Set Ring

Trinity design



A trinity design that completes the story of the hero Hercules by combining three lines that express strength and kindness.
Overlapping each other will reflect each other’s radiance, and you can find the charming of strength and beauty when wearing altogether.


I-PRIMO imposes stringent standards on diamond selection for every single jewelry piece.

  • We insist high standards on small details.

    We insist high standards on small details.

    We only use hearts and arrows diamonds, even they are side stones with less than 1mm in diameter. We believe only perfectly cut diamonds can reveals the true beauty of the jewelries.

  • sophisticated techniques and high technology

    We use sophisticated techniques and high technology to produce every piece of jewelry.

    Small prongs and different diamond setting techniques are used for the purpose of making an ideal jewelry piece for our customers.

  • 純度の高いプラチナPt950

    Platinum Pt950

    We use platinum (Pt950, 95% of pure platinum) in our engagement rings and wedding rings collections.



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