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About bridal jewelries
What is the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring?
Engagement ring is traditionally a diamond ring given to a woman by a man at the time of a marriage proposal. Wedding rings are exchanged between partners during wedding ceremony.
Does I-PRIMO provide engagement ring and wedding ring sets?
Yes, we do. We have many different styles and designs of engagement ring and wedding ring that are perfect for mix-and-match as a bridal ring set. Please discuss with our consultants for details.
Why engagement rings are made with diamonds?
Diamond is a kind of natural minerals with the meaning of “pure” and “forever”. The everlasting sparkle of a diamond makes it the first choice for engagement rings, symbolizing “forever love”.
Why platinum is popular for bridal jewelries?
Platinum is the rarest among metals and its durability making it a symbol for true, enduring and everlasting. The three characteristics and values of platinum are extremely suitable for making bridal jewelries.
  1. ①Purity: Platinum’s naturally white sheen enables a diamond to shine on its highest. Platinum does not tarnish, corrode, rust and change color. Jewelry piece must consist of at least 85% platinum in order to be qualified as “platinum jewelries”. I-PRIMO uses 95% platinum in all rings, together with the excellent craftsmanship making rings that are comfortable to wear.
  2. ②Rareness: Platinum is an extremely rare and precious metal. It can only found in a few countries in South Africa. Platinum is present as only 3g in 1 ton of the ore.
  3. ③Durability: Platinum is more durable than other metal, therefore, it is suitable to use for precious jewelries. Platinum does not tarnish, corrode, rust and change color and is good for daily wear.
Why do we wear wedding ring on the ring finger on the left hand?
Originated from Ancient Egyptian traditional, people believed that a vein ran directly from the ring finger on the left hand to the heart. Because of this hand-heart connection, they chose to wear rings on this finger to express love.
How to choose the best ring shape (straight, wavy or v-shaped ring)?
Every customer has their preference on ring shapes. Here are some general guidelines and suggestions:
  • ◆Straight: simple, basic, timeless and easy for mix-and-match.
  • ◆Wavy: this shape refines your hand figure as it goes smoothly with your left ring finger. It is also comfortable to wear.
  • ◆V-shaped: it goes well with the back of your hand. The V-shape curved line is in contrast with the straight lines of your fingers that made them looked longer.
About engagement rings
When shall I start preparing for engagement ring? How long does it take to make the ring?
It takes four to five weeks in production. If you want to present the ring during your marriage proposal, we suggest you start preparing around two to three months before your proposal. Generally, people buy the ring around seven months to one year before their wedding day.
Can I propose with a diamond necklace instead of an engagement ring?
Yes, you can. Some people give necklace that can be worn everyday instead of an engagement ring for marriage proposal. I-PRIMO has diamond necklace collections for you to choose from.
Does people choose eternity ring as an engagement ring?
Yes, eternity ring is a popular choice for engagement ring as it has the meaning of eternal and forever.
How can I choose a good diamond?
You can choose a diamond based on the 4Cs grading of a diamond, budget and your desired diamond grade. I-PRIMO only sells excellent brilliance diamonds that are suitable for making jewelry pieces. Please choose your dream ring from us with confidence.
What is the meaning of 4Cs?
4Cs is the standard criteria for diamond grading. They are carat (weight), color, clarity and cut. For details, please click here ›
What choice of metal materials can we use in our rings? Is it possible to change the material?
We mainly use platinum (Pt950) in our jewelry pieces as platinum is the best precious metal to show the brilliance of diamonds. However, customers can also choose 18K rose gold or gold for their rings.
I want to give a surprise proposal to my girlfriend. What should I do
Even though you may not know your girlfriend’s ring preference or ring size and you find it difficult to find out from her, you are welcome to entrust your case to us. I-PRIMO provides special services that you are able to confirm the design and size of engagement ring after your proposal. We aim at helping you to propose in the way with no hassle and worries. We are experienced to serve clients who come to our stores alone, and will use our best knowledge to assist and support you on your marriage proposal planning. For details about our “Marriage Proposal Support Service”, please click here ›
Can I use my own diamond to make an engagement ring from I-PRIMO?
We are sorry that diamond outside of I-PRIMO will not be entertained for I-PRIMO jewelry settings.
Can I get the certificate when I purchase diamond from I-PRIMO?
I-PRIMO adopts stringent standard on the quality of diamond. All diamond has international recognized certificate issued by trustworthy organizations such as GIA (limited to diamond weighted 0.3ct or above).
Is it possible to bring home the ring on the same day I bought?
If we can find a ring you like, as well as in the right size, you can bring it home directly on the same day. However, if you need to alter the ring size or engrave letters, it may take around 3 weeks to complete. We suggest you come and choose your ring earlier.
About wedding rings
When is appropriate time to buy wedding rings? How long does it take to make the ring?
It basically takes about four to five weeks in production. However, some designs or ring size may need up to eight weeks. If you need your rings on wedding day, we suggest you buy your wedding rings three months before wedding day.
Nearly all the woman’s wedding ring designs shown on the website are mounted with diamond. Can we choose not to put diamonds on the wedding ring?
Yes, you can. You can choose those designs without diamond or you can make a man’s wedding ring into woman size. Please discuss with our in-store consultants in details.
Can we change metal materials of our rings?
We mainly use platinum Pt950 on wedding rings. Customers can also choose 18K rose gold or gold instead.
※ Metal choice is fixed in some designs.
How can I take care of my ring if I wear it everyday?
It is easy to damage or scratch the ring in everyday life. Small scratches may become less obvious after normal cleaning and maintenance in our stores. We suggest you to clean your ring in our store regularly. Besides, it is better not to wear your ring when you are doing heavy works or exercises as it may damage both the ring and diamond.
Can I bring my ring home on the day I purchase?
All the sample rings in our stores are for display only, therefore, you cannot bring it home on the day you purchase. It generally takes about four to five weeks for production and we suggest you plan ahead and make purchase earlier.
(Some styles or ring sizes may require up to eight weeks for production).
About semi-order made services
What is semi-order made service?
I-PRIMO offers “semi-order made service” , where customers may choose the diamond from our diamond stock based on the budget and diamond grading, and match with their favourite ring setting to tailor-made your ideal ring.
What is the basic scale of ring sizes?
Generally, the basic ring size scales are from size 3 to size 19 (size 3 to 15 for ladies design) . We can make the smaller sizes from size 1 to size 2 and the bigger sizes from size 20 to size 30 (size 16 to 30 for ladies design) as a special sizes which additional charge may apply. It may also take longer production time for special sizes.
Is inner ring engraving service provided? How many words we can engrave?
It is a free-of-charge service when you place order. The number of letters is about the ring size plus 4 letters (e.g. if it is a size 7 ring, a maximum of 11 letters can be engraved). ※ this may not apply to some designs.
Can we embed diamond on the inner ring?
Yes, I-PRIMO provides “Promise Diamond” service. We have eight different colored diamonds for you to choose from. Please click here for the details of “Promise Diamond” service ›
How long does it take to roughly go through all products in store?
It depends on your shopping habits. It may take you about 1.5 to 2 hrs to slowly go through all designs. If you have time constraints, please let our consultants know beforehand and they can highlight some products during your visit.
About after sales services
What is included in the after sales service?

●Engagement Ring・Wedding Ring
Size alteration, size exchange service*:
・A three-year free size alteration period is provided. A service charge of HK$500 will be levied after the free alteration period expired.
・For the ring style that cannot alter its size, a three-year free size exchange service is provided. A service charge of HK$1,000 will be levied after the free exchange period expired.
if the new size required is out of standard ring size scales, a special size handling charge will be applied. (Please check with our consultant for the exact cost. This charge is required even the ring is still within free alteration or free exhange period.)
Repair Service:
・A one-year free repair peroid is provided. A service charge of HK$500 will be levied after the one-year free repair period expired.
・Free repairment is provided if the side diamonds fell out from the ring within one-year of purchase. Afterwards, a separate quotation for the charges will be given.
・We may not be able to provide free service to some of the ring styles due to its special finishing and polishing procedures.
* This is not applicable to the main diamond of engagement ring and pink side diamonds.

●Anniversary / Fashion Jewelry
Size alteration for eternity rings and special designs by quotation.
Repair service:
・A one-year free repair peroid is provided for manufacturing defects. Afterwards, a quotation for the charges will be given after assessment.
・General wear and tear, misuse, and tarnishing are not covered under the warranty.

*The after service mentioned above is only applicable to items purchased within Hong Kong.
*Items purchased outside of Hong Kong will not be entitled for the free of charge warranty period.
*If you required service from another region, please visit I-PRIMO official website of such region for more information.

Does I-PRIMO provide ring size alteration service? How long does it take?
Yes, we provide “size alteration service” or “size exchange service” depending on the design of your ring. It may take around 4-5 weeks to alter the ring size. As different design may require different services, please discuss with our consultants in store.
Does I-PRIMO have cleaning service? How long does it take?
Generally, it takes about thirty minutes to clean your ring after you bring it to our stores. If we are busy, we may invite you to leave your ring with us for a certain period. This service is available at any I-PRIMO stores, no reservation is needed.
Can I service my ring in any I-PRIMO stores?
Yes, all I-PRIMO stores provide after sales services. Please feel free to visit the store closest to you.
Can I enjoy the same after service oversea?
The free of charge warranty period is only applicable to items purchased within the country. Service options and fees may vary according to country. If you required service from another country, please visit I-PRIMO official website of such country for more information.
Apart from size alteration, does I-PRIMO provide other maintenance services?
Our maintenance services include polishing, reshaping, refinishing, resetting or tightening prongs to secure diamond on engagement ring.
How long does it take to repair a jewelry piece?
It may take about three to four weeks. Longer time may be required depending on the design.
Can I repair my broken ring?
We may repair or exchange for it depending on the situation. Please visit the nearest store for an assessment.
Can I repair the ring if the diamond has fallen off?
We may repair or exchange for it depending on the situation. Please visit the nearest store for an assessment.
How can I maintain my ring at home?
We suggest you use a piece of soft cloth to clean the ring after use and before storage. This helps to maintain the shininess of the jewelry from the damages caused by dirt and grease. Beside, you can also put neutral detergent in warm water and soak the ring overnight in order to remove the grease and regain shininess. Please do not rub hard on the diamond or the prongs as it may damage the ring.
How can I keep my ring properly?
Use a jewelry box or place it in between soft cushions made for jewelry storage. It helps to avoid scratches.
Can I bring the jewelry from other brands to repair at I-PRIMO.
We are sorry. We are unable to repair any products from other manufacturers and brands. Please check with the seller directly.
Can I change the words engraved on the inner ring?
Yes, you can change the words engraved. A handling fee of HK$300 will be charged.
Do I need appointment for maintenance and repair service?
It is not necessary. However, in considering for the long waiting time during the peak time at store, we may be able to handle your case swiftly if you have a reservation. No reservation is needed for general cleaning service.
About payment methods
How is the payment term?
We require at least 50% of the total price as deposit once you placed the order.
What can I use for payment?
1. Credit Card: VISA, Master, CUP and American Express (AMEX)
2. EPS
3. Alipay (Hong Kong and China Wallet)
4. WeChatPay (China Wallet)
5. Cash
Can I pay by installment?
If you use HSBC credit card, you can choose a 6-month of 12-month interest free installment.
Can I settle the payment half by cash and half by credit card?
Yes, you can settle the payment half by cash and half by credit card.
Can I get two separate receipts for engagement ring and wedding ring orders?
Yes, you can. Please inform our consultants if you want separate receipts.
Can you check if I have a metal allergy?
We are sorry we do not have technology to check if you have a metal allergy. We suggest you consult with dermatologist.
I have a diamond, can I buy the ring setting from I-PRIMO?
We are sorry that we do not provide any service to jewelries or diamonds from other brands. Customers may purchase new ring setting if the ring and the diamond are originally bought from I-PRIMO.
Does I-PRIMO sell fashion jewelry as well?
Yes, we do. We have necklace, earrings and baby ring collections. They are all very suitable as a gift for special occasions such as wedding anniversary and baby shower, etc.
Does I-PRIMO sell gemstones other than diamond ?
I-PRIMO is a diamond specialty shop and we have diamond jewelries only.
Do we need to make appointment before visiting store?
It is not necessary to make appointment beforehand. However, in considering for the long waiting time during the peak time at store, we may be able to serve you better if you have a reservation. Besides, first time visitors who make reservation online may receive our welcome gift. It is recommended to reserve your timeslot to ensure better service. Please click here for reservation ›
Can I pick up the purchased item at an overseas branch?
You may pick up the purchased item at any stores within the country you purchased from.