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Wedding Ring

Etoile Collection

"Etoile" means stars in French. The dedicated design of this jewellery piece has adopted the French style craftsmanship and technique, maintaining the European style of luxury and elegence. It is the timeless and classic wedding ring set that a couple treasures for the rest of their lives.

Etoile Collection

The wedding ring collection "Etoile" was crafted and made in Besançon, a city in eastern France, known as the watch and jewelry capital of France. Adopting the best technique and high standard craftsmanship in the area, the shinning collection was no doubt the best option for a perfect couple in their wedding.

The sophisticated French style craftsmanship echos perfectly with the Japanese diamond setting technique that comes the unique and precious "Etoile" wedding ring collection. Entrusted by the engraved trademark on each ring, it is the collection with best quality that will never fail.

Etoile Collection