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Important Notice:About the special preventive measures on COVID-19

Customer’s health is always the prime consideration of I-PRIMO. In view of the current situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, we do support efforts to curb infections in order to provide better protect for customers and visitors to our stores. We encourage customers or visitors to wear a face mask and disinfect their hands. Alcohol-based hand-rub is prepared in all stores. Meanwhile, we will conduct body temperature screening upon customers’ arrival at the stores. We apologize that customers with body temperature at 37.5 degree Celsius or above, and/or under the government requirement for compulsory home quarantine, will not be able to enter the stores. Customer will be advised to seek appropriate medical care and visit our stores on another day.

All I-PRIMO retail stores in Hong Kong are also carrying out the following preventive measures:

1. All staffs should conduct body temperature check before work to ensure no fever or respiratory  infection symptoms
2. All staffs must wear face masks.
3. Disinfection in each store in every 2 hours, including every counter and display, to ensure  environmental hygiene.
4. Staff must disinfect their hands before and after serving every customer.

Thank you for your corporation and support during the special period.