Pick Up Design

Pick Up Design

Two charming wedding ring sets highlighting the melee diamonds.
The sparkles on the rings echo the excitement,
joy and wishes of the couple to their promising future.

  • nona
  • nona

Wedding ring nona

A commitment witnessed by the excellent brilliance of diamond. The precious slim ring spun with the thread of fate, reminds the everlasting journey of love and care.

Pt950 L:0.16ct

  • charis
  • charis

Wedding ring charis

Diamonds shine beautifully along the ring. Thanks to the brilliant craftsmanship that ensures its aesthetics and comfort.

Pt950 L:0.13ct


The bridal sets have an exquisite design and yet comfortable to wear.

  • The use of excellent diamond setting technique is the secret behind this sparkling wedding ring.

    The use of prongless channel set technique enhances the brilliance and light in between each diamond. The beautiful shinning wedding band dazzles every moment of the day.

  • The secret behind long lasting shininess and comfort.

    Apart from using high quality precious metal on each ring, extra pressures will be applied during the forging process in order to increase the hardness, as well as the general comfort of the band. It is exceptionally beautiful on the bride's hand.


I-PRIMO imposes stringent standards on diamond selection for every single jewelry piece.

We insist high standards on small details.

We only use hearts and arrows diamonds, even they are side stones with less than 1mm in diameter. We believe only perfectly cut diamonds can reveals the true beauty of the jewelries.


We use platinum (Pt950, 95% of
pure platinum) in our engagement
rings and wedding rings collections.

We use sophisticated techniques
and high technology to produce every piece of jewelry.

Small prongs and different diamond setting techniques are used for the purpose of making an ideal jewelry piece for our customers.


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