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Christmas special 2013: A Merry Wedding at Christmas Eve – The most beautiful wedding at Christmas time.

Say your marriage vows and share your sweet memory and happiness with all your guests at Christmas time is so romantic and blessed. Have your wedding at Christmas Eve and give yourself a unique memory in your life.

Plan your festive Christmas wedding with a thankful heart!

The romantic Christmas Eve is coming soon. If you decided to get married around this time of the year, you can choose Christmas as the theme of your wedding. It is a season full of happiness and love. You may double the warm feelings if you choose to get married at Christmas. Here are some hints you can use to make your guests enjoy the most.

■If you make good use of bridal bouquet, flower arrangements and floral decorations, you can turn a place into a beautiful Christmas wedding venue!
A Merry Wedding at Christmas Eve – The most beautiful wedding at Christmas time.
Matching big red roses with heart red and evergreen holly or ferns, you can choose two Christmas colors: heart red and evergreen as theme colors to decorate the stage and tables to create a happy and joyful Christmas party.
You can also make Christmas wreath and Christmas tree added with flowers, pinecones and candy canes to design cute little flower bouquets.
Do not forget to add some Christmas elements into bridal hair accessories and corsage for the groom.

If you want to keep it simple, you can use white flowers with green leaves, silver ribbons and feathers to make a white Christmas wedding. Choose the style that fits you best with your wedding planner and floral designer.


■Wedding day printed materials

Use Christmas as the design theme on all printed materials for your wedding,such as: reception invitation and envelope, seat plan and seat card, etc. If you are a fan of DIY, you can make your own materials with assistance from free online patterns or designs. It is both cost saving and stylish.

Moreover, it is also a good idea to use Christmas bell, Santa Clauses and stars to make seat card for your guests as a small Christmas gift and souvenir. They will be very happy to receive that.

■Christmas songs throughout the wedding

For the music at wedding, you can choose some Christmas songs as background music along the ceremony and reception. For instance, you can use Christmas songs or classical music when matching in, then use light and pop music during the reception and soft music for the ending.
You can arrange music flexibly throughout the event.

If you would go for better effect, you can hire choir or live bands to sing onsite. Although it may cost around JPY 60,000-10,000 (depends on no. of singers and time period) to hire professional singers or live bands, the sound effect and atmosphere is what the recorded music cannot compared. If you want touching atmosphere or leave your guests with an unforgettable experience, hiring professional team is a definitely a good option.

■Give surprises and talking points to your guests by role play games

Although it may not have many changes on the traditional white wedding dress, you can still add some Christmas elements on your attire. For example, the bride can choose green velvet dress with heart red hair accessories and the groom can tie a big ribbon along his waist.
If it is a causal private party, you can also arrange role play game by having the bride dress as Santa Clauses and the groom as reindeer distributing gifts around.
It may sound silly but it will bring another climax of the evening.

Do you like the ideas above?
People will be busy at year end, choose a good timing convenient to your guests and have a wonderful wedding at Christmas.