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Christmas special 2013: The best places for proposing marriage on Christmas Eve

Christmas is around the corner.When you are busy for all the Christmas and year end parties,do not forget this is also the romantic moment to propose to your loved one.Here, we will separate the topic about marriage proposal into three special articles in this romantic season of the year.

If you have made the decision to do it, do it well and do not be shy.
Your girlfriend is long waited for such beautiful surprises at Christmas.

It is getting close to the important Christmas Eve in your life. Have you prepared well for that?
As mentioned before, woman likes romantic moments more than man. Every woman loves to become the focus when she is receiving a marriage proposal (sorry if you do not think in the same way…).
Also, woman does expect surprises at Christmas. Therefore, do not let her down in this occasion? First of all, let’s check the best place you can choose.

■Our top recommendation is fine dining restaurant.
There are always something romantic happen in these restaurants.Our top recommendation is fine dining restaurant. There are always something romantic happen in these restaurants.
For our male readers, you may think, “Isn’t it that simple?” Yes, that is it. You can choose an Italian restaurant located in a hotel where you can see a beautiful night view, or choose a secret private kitchen in a European style inn, etc. They are all dreamy locations to propose a marriage.

If you are going for a classic marriage proposal, it is absolutely straight forward to choose a fine dining restaurant. Trust me; woman surely loves good food as well as romantic atmosphere.

It looks like only fine dining restaurant has both good food and romantic ambience, doesn’t it?
Also,many of the fine dining restaurants are experienced to help customers to arrange romantic moments.
For instance, a restaurant in Yokohama claims that customers proposed marriage at their restaurant have 100% successful rate. You can just tell them your plan to purpose when you make reservation to the restaurant, they will make some special arrangements, such as: a “Marry Me” Christmas cake or suggesting the best time to make proposal during dinner, etc. They will do their best to assist you on your marriage proposal plan.
Everything becomes simple if there is an experienced team to help. If you have no idea on the choice of restaurant, try the ones that can assist you with your plan.

Next, let’s look at the gifts!!

■Give your loving words and surprises – a gift with forever brilliance.
It is common to prepare a gift at Christmas, The most favorite Christmas gift for woman is:1.Jewelry 2.Nice meal, decent dinner 3.Hang bags
especially to a special girl you are going to propose.

What kind of gift can leave her with romantic surprise and excellent memories? According to a survey conducted by Zexy net to female subject groups aged between 20-30,
their most wished Christmas gift was…

Jewelry is at the top of the list. Then, what kind of jewelry is good?
No kidding! You must know that…

The surprising gift for your marriage proposal at Christmas is, of course, an engagement ring!!

Wait a moment… It usually takes about 1 to 3 months to order an engagement ring. Even if you go to buy one now, you may not be able to get it before Christmas Eve. Also, you may want to choose one that your girlfriend loves. If she does not like the ring you choose, the whole plan may be spoiled.

So, we suggest you bring her to choose the ring in another day. Hold her hand and tell her at the romantic Christmas dinner,

“I want to give you a ring but it must be the one you love, please go and choose it together with me.” Isn’t it good?

We will discuss about “The wedding at Christmas” in the next article.