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Christmas special 2013: get set for a marriage proposal at Christmas Eve.

Christmas is around the corner. When you are busy for all the Christmas and year end parties, do not forget this is also the romantic moment to propose to your loved one. Here, we will separate the topic about marriage proposal into three special articles in this romantic season of the year.

You must give the best gift in your lifetime to your beloved one this year.

It is getting cold day by day.
Have you planned how to spend Christmas Eve with your beloved one?一年當中沒有比聖誕節更適合求婚的時機了。
Are you getting ready for a marriage proposal?

“Hmmm…. I am still sure about this…”
“Speaking of this, he has not proposed to me yet!”

As mentioned before, proposing a marriage is not something that you can take it easy. One has to understand the true meaning of marriage and consider seriously before proposing. It is a serious commitment that you agree to spend the rest of your life together with someone you love. “Will you marry me?” is not an easy question that you may ask casually.

If you have not actually proposed but are planning to do so, I would like to remind you that the best timing for marriage proposal is coming soon.
Christmas is always the best time in the year to propose to someone who is important to your life.

As you remembered, we had published the result of a survey conducted by I-PRIMO before. The survey was about marriage proposal. One of the questions was “Where do you think is the best place to propose marriage?” Majority of the female respondents thought “a memorable place” and “hotel or formal restaurant” were the best places to receive engagement ring from boyfriend. When the next question “what disappointment do you have in your own marriage proposal?” was asked, over 60% of the respondents replied that their marriage proposal was too casual or lack of surprises. Yes, woman just wants to have an unforgettable marriage proposal.

Therefore,we concluded that “a romantic marriage proposal is always the best gift in Christmas!”
Let’s imagine in a cold winter night, the street was decorated with beautiful and sparkling Christmas decorations. Couples and lovers are walking hand in hand on the street. The song “Silent Night” can be heard everywhere. At this perfect moment, don’t let it overwhelm you! Just say honestly “Will you marry me?” and commit to take her as your other half forever.

If you take your courage to propose, Christmas will become a special anniversary for both of you – a day that you two had made the decision to get marry, and you will never forget it in your whole life.

In future, when December comes, such romantic memories and warm feelings will remind you how fortunate you are to get married with someone you love. Isn’t it good? It is a blessing to have a good memory to treasure about.

Next, we will introduce some tricks to make your marriage proposal more charming and impressive.