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A big challenge: how to inform parents about your marriage decision.

Meet the parents and tell them about your decision to get married is not easy to many couples. They might be nervous or just does not know how to tell them. We hope this article can give you some ideas about how to give good impression to the in-laws-to-be and cast away your worries.

The first thing you must do is: get prepared and dress properly.

Everything is about to give good impression to your in-laws-to-be. You have to show them that you are trustworthy.

Point no. 1:
Check with your fiancée about the character and interest of parents,A big challenge: how to inform parents about your marriage decision.
for example: if her father is a baseball fan, check information on his favorite team. It could look old fashion, however, you can show them your sincerity.

Choose the day that most convenient to the parents. Tell them the objective of this visit and take their schedule as priority.

Point no. 2:
Dress properly when you go for the meeting. Maybe you have visited the parents several times before, however, please stay care on your outlook.

If this is your first time to pay a visit the parents, you shall wear proper clothes and do not make it too casual.
even though you may have met them briefly before in some past occasions, you shall wear proper clothes and do not make it too casual.

Beware of your clothes and hair style, neat and tidy is the basic for a good impression.

Moreover, you may have given your girlfriend the engagement ring. It is better not to show it before receiving the official acceptance from parents.

Point no. 3:
Do not forget to bring a gift (gift set from famous food brand is the safest choice) on the day you visit the parents. If this is the first time to meet the parents, give a brief self-introduction when you see them and then go on to normal conversation. Be careful with your words.
Try not to reveal everything about yourself to them. Anyway, remember your task is to give a good impression to parents. If you want to show your humor, leave it after you got married.

When the atmosphere becomes formal, this is the time to reveal your purpose.
“Please let me marry XXX, I will love her for the rest of my life”,
make a simple, direct and precise statement of your purpose.

Last but not least, it is very important to show the parents that they are the parents of your loved one and you will love them as your own parents.

Do remember that no matter how difficult the parents are, they still wish their son/daughter will find someone who loves them wholeheartedly. Treat the parents with respect and you will get through it confidently.

Do not get too nervous, work hard. As long as there is nothing unhappy happened, you will be fine.
We all go through the same process.