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It all started with a marriage proposal.

Even though the thought of marriage can be compelling, a formal proposal looks like a long-awaited journey, whoever does the asking. This is not a rare scene in the nowadays love stories. In the first article of this series, let us look at the true meaning of a marriage proposal. With the full understanding of the topic, you may also start thinking to plan your own one.

“A proposal” can be a lifelong amulet to your marriage…. That’s why it is very important.

This article was written based on the survey about marriage proposal conducted by I-PRIMO a few years ago.


The survey interviewed 500 married people aged below 35 and the result was interesting.the most popular statement used in a proposal nowadays is, “Let’s get married.”

The result shows that 1 in 4 married people had not proposed to their partner before they got married.

Marriage, to the majority of people, is a lifelong commitment.

How can it happen without a formal proposal?


Of course, one may believe that true love never needs the expression of words. It is also probably because of the long-drawn relationship or shotgun marriage that makes a formal marriage proposal unnecessary.

Whatever reason or view point you are holding, a formal proposal may add comfort and security to your relationship by sincerely making and accepting the marriage request right at the beginning of your lifelong commitment.


Moreover, a formal proposal can positively intoxicate your relationship.

I am sure you will be happy if someone praised you. Or, you will be deeply encouraged when you friends or colleagues put their trust and believe on you. Then, it needs not to say how the statement that your loved one made at your marriage proposal may affect your whole life together. All in all, a marriage proposal is definitely one of the joyful moments in marriage life that gives you power beyond your imagination.


Although the survey does not make any conclusion, I believed the couple with proposal before married may have less argue and more harmony in their life.

Although people may have different ways to express the simple statement “Let’s get married”, it can definitely be a real treasure, like a precious diamond, that belongs only to the couple.


Now, I am sure you know the important of a formal proposal for marriage. Who shall do the asking? Myself or the other side? Let’s wait and discuss in the next article.