Here are some beautiful legends and traditions about marriage.

An introduction to beautiful legends and anecdotes that are closely related to the happiness of the bride. One might find inspirations in these stories when arranging the wedding decorations and hospitality. Hopefully they will spice up your ideas.

Traditional customs for brides (episode 5)

Lucky peas
This is a British tradition to put green peas in the wedding cake which brings good luck to the person who has eaten them. Nowadays, people usually use almonds or chocolate to replace green peas and give gift to the lucky persons.

Ring bearer pillow
It is a European tradition to tie the wedding rings on a ring bearer pillow during the wedding ceremony. A ribbon or a knot symbolizes the commitment in a marriage. Besides, it is also the tradition to use the ring pillow on the wedding ceremony as the first pillow of the couple’s offspring as a blessing of health and happiness.

Maid of honour, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen
In the influence from western culture, it is getting popular to have bridesmaids and groomsmen to support the couple on weddings in Japan. Maid of honour is a close female friend or relative of the bride who was given a place of honour. Best man is a close male friend or relative of the groom who was given a place of honour. In the Western culture, the groom is not supposed to see the bride on her white wedding dress until the wedding day. The maid of honour takes up the important role to assist the bride to choose her wedding dress, prepare for the wedding, support her emotionally and to take care of her during the wedding ceremony. Traditionally in Europe, bridesmaids were used to help ward off evil spirits by dressing similarly to the bride.

Bridal shower
Bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for the bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. The party is mainly a gathering of the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids. It is usually held about two weeks to two months before the wedding ceremony. Some people wrap their gifts as a veil or a bouquet so that bride-to-be can use it in her wedding rehearsal.
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