Here are some beautiful legends and traditions about marriage.

An introduction to beautiful legends and anecdotes that are closely related to the happiness of the bride. One might find inspirations in these stories when arranging the wedding decorations and hospitality. Hopefully they will spice up your ideas.

Traditional customs for brides (episode 4)

Happy Orange
This was a bridal custom in Europe.
At the 19th – early 20th Century, there was a custom for the groom-to-be to send flowers to his fiancée every day. The flowers they sent were usually fresh orange blossoms. Orange blossoms had the meaning of “marry me”, and therefore, it was popular for a man to make marriage proposal with this flower. On the other hand, there was a custom for the bride to wear a crown of orange blossoms on the wedding day too.

Orange blossoms are believed to be the guardian angel for the bride
With its ability to bear fruit at one and the same time as it flowers, orange blossom has the meaning fertility and motherhood traditionally. In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera received orange blossoms from Zeus, the King of Heaven when they got married. Therefore, it believes that orange blossoms will bring good lucks to the bride.

Bride wears crown of orange blossoms.
In the morning of the wedding day, the groom gives a bouquet of orange blossoms to the bride. Bride wears her white wedding gown, carries white flower bouquet and wears white bridal head wreath. The pure white wedding tradition and the bride’s crown of orange blossoms are originated from the legend that Zeus gave orange blossoms to his wife Hera on their wedding day.

Pure white, freshness, sweet-smelling and its romantic story have made orange blossoms a popular choice of flowers on wedding days. Due to the short lifespan of the orange blossoms, brides may use wax replicas as substitute in their headpieces that made her easily incorporated this custom on their big day.

A good luck flower to the couple
The flower languages of orange blossoms are innocence, happiness, fruitfulness and love. All of these are related to the good future for the couple.
It is interesting to know the close relationship of orange blossoms to European wedding traditions.

Make good use of orange blossoms on weddings and give all good blessings to the brides. More articles about interesting wedding customs are coming soon….