Here are some beautiful legends and traditions about marriage.

An introduction to beautiful legends and anecdotes that are closely related to the happiness of the bride. One might find inspirations in these stories when arranging the wedding decorations and hospitality. Hopefully they will spice up your ideas.

Traditional customs for brides

Traditional customs for brides
『Something Blue』:Something blue: if the bride wears something blue on her wedding day, she will have a happy marriage.
You probably have heard of this custom from Europe. If the bride carries four items on her wedding day: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, she will have a happy marriage. This custom was originated in Europe based on a poem:

Something old, something new

something borrowed, something blue

and a sixpence in her shoe.

Something old

“Something old” means continuity with the bride’s family and the past. This “something old” can be a family heirloom, such as ring, earrings or other jewelries. It can also be a piece of lace or bow from grandmother or mother’s wedding dress or their bridal veils. “Something old” is a wishing for prosperous life to the new bride.

Something new
“Something new” represents the optimism and hope for the bride’s new life.
It can be anything new to be used on the wedding day, from a new bridal veil to a new pair of shoes. It is usually something white in color. If the bride is wearing a rental wedding gown, she can prepare a new pair of gloves or veils instead.
“Something new” is a good luck wish for the bride to her future life.

Something borrowed
“Something borrowed” is an item, such as handkerchief or jewelry, borrowed from a happily married friend or family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride. “Something borrowed” symbolizes the bride will get the same marital bliss from a happily married couple.

Something blue
“Something blue” represents loyalty and purity of the bride. Blue is the color associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary and is also the color of fortune, loyal and honesty. In Europe, people will put a blue ribbon on stockings. However, mounted a blue stone inside of the wedding ring or put some blue flowers in the bouquet may also be a good idea.
“Something blue” symbolizes loyal to husband.

Six pence
“Six pence” was a coin used in the time of Queen Elizabeth in the British Empire. It was put in the bride’s left shoe as a good luck charm to bring fortune to the couple.

Six pence coins had been used for 400 years in the UK until 1967. However, this custom is still popular in weddings nowadays.

Traditional customs for brides
You may want to follow these customs in your own wedding after getting to know more its origin and meaning. Here, we wish you good luck with your loved one forever.