Fascinated by the harmonious combination and the beauty of dazzling brilliance
With the story of Cygnus, shine gracefully at your fingertips

Engagement Ring


The diamond full of gorgeous light, complements the name of the brightest star from the constellation of Cygnus. An elegant and classic solitaire ring design that is being loved timelessly.


Sophisticated and beautiful side view

The exquisite and delicate ring design, with dazzling diamond perfectly shines through the beautiful silhouette of the unique side design.

Eternity Ring


Named after the beautiful lady of the Greek mythology related to Cygnus, it expresses its graceful image with a gently tapered silhouette. An eternal ring that beautifully features the brilliance of heart and cupid diamonds.


Exquisite design and comfort

The gently tapered center creates a soft V-shaped line, that refine the silhouette of your finger and hand.
The ring band with diamonds is crafted carefully that slanted inward on both sides, to provide a comfortable fit without pressure.




Cygna & Helene

Two rings are perfectly coordinated to form a chic and harmonious wedding ring set. The design concept based on brilliant diamonds and the constellation of Cygnus, represents eternal love to each other.


Helene & Origin Belief

The ring named after the princess, who is one of the three most beautiful ladies in the world, is paired with a timeless ring from “origin belief”series of personalized supreme simplicity, combined a pair of wedding ring with design and comfort.


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